How we create your Hotel Website in just a few steps

1. Sign up
Get in touch for a proposal based on the size of your hotel and the optional modules that might be useful for your hotel. When you sign and return the agreement, we will get started shortly.

2. Collection of information and files
You will send us the necessary information and files. After we have received these items we will start with the configuration of the website based on your input, as well as the template that you have selected for your hotel.

3. Design and setup
You will receive a mock-up of the homepage design which will be in line with the unique visual identity of your hotel. After your approval we will adapt this design within the website which we will setup according to your choice of template, modules and language specifications. We will send you the location of your new website on our bèta-server. 

4. Loading of content
The next phase is the loading of the content. You, or your colleagues, will get access to the Hotel CMS and will receive a training in the use of this system. Pages, texts and images can be filled in now. Do you have all texts and images complete (for example in your current website)? If so, we can assist you with the loading of the content.

5. Booking engine integration
We will then connect the booking engine of choice to the new website.Via the Hotel CMS specific ID's can be filled in for room types and special offers.

6. Fine tuning and testing
Your website will almost be ready. We will fine tune the settings (for example SEO-settings, file names, etc.) and test the new website on different browsers and screen types.

7. Launch of website
After your approval, we will launch your new website. We have an extensive check-list that we use, so that everything is done correctly. When the website is placed on our live server we will assist you with the change of the DNS settings of the domain name of your hotel. When the DNS change has been carried out, your website will be live. We will send you a notification when this is the case.

8. Post launch
After the launch of your website you will have access to the Hotel CMS to carry out changes to the website content yourself. When you have any questions about the website or Hotel CMS, please contact our support department.

Partner of choice for smart hoteliers

Partner of choice for smart hoteliers

Our fast and secure platform, Hotel Content Management System, seamless integration of Booking Engine Technology and specific knowledge within the hotel industry makes us the partner of choice for smart hoteliers.