Paris: new website design for upscale hotels

November 14th, 2022

The classy Paris design expands Porter’s portfolio and offers hotels a powerful new solution to optimise their online presence.

As Hotel Webdesign Specialist, Porter has launched its newest design template created especially for upscale properties. Named after the French capital of Paris, a city known for its style and elegance, this design offers hotels a refined website option that brings exclusive hotel brands to life online. 

What sets this new template apart from Porter’s other options, is its focus on sleek, chic design. The Paris theme allows upscale hotels to showcase their high-end facilities and services in a user-friendly way that catches and holds the target audience’s attention. The chance to highlight commercially relevant elements such as room types, ancillary services and special offers creates new opportunities to build interest in a hotel and drive direct bookings. 

“It’s exciting to see the new Paris template go live. Its bold, clean sections and design elements give this design template an elegant feel that works perfectly for upscale and luxury hotel websites. Initial trials have seen impressive results. That’s why we’re excited for more hotels to use this new design to build a branded online presence, promote their properties and get more direct and commission-free reservations,” says Thomas Dieben, Founder of Porter. 

On top of its classy design, the Paris template also runs on state-of-the-art technology. For example, it uses the latest type of JavaScript framework to guarantee unmatched loading times. This creates several benefits. First, the pages will load extremely fast, even when decked out with media elements like images and videos. This creates a smooth user experience and reduces the risk of site visitors leaving the page due to difficulties with viewing on-site content. On top of that, it improves a website’s indexation on search engines which will lead to more traffic and additional opportunities to gain direct bookings. 

“We created our new Paris design exclusively for upscale hotels that want an advanced online presence. That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops when it comes to optimising both the backend and the design. But it doesn’t stop there. We want our clients to have a website that perfectly reflects the hotel’s brand and identity. That’s why our designers will implement a custom design matching the unique identity of the hotel, always with the goal to improve conversion and create a more balanced distribution. Reducing a property’s dependence on high-commission sales channels.” Thomas adds. 

Thomas Dieben

By Thomas Dieben