Hotel Website Builder VS Hotel Website Platform: The Result will Suprise You

September 17th, 2021

You want to offer your guests a beautiful online experience that is perfectly suited to your hotel. In doing so, you focus your hotel website on getting direct reservations. Can you best achieve these goals with a website builder or with a hotel website platform? Read on to discover the best solution for your hotel.

What is a hotel website builder?

A hotel website builder is a tool that allows you to put together a simple website in a few clicks. This process is efficient and therefore often inexpensive. However, a website created with a website builder has certain limitations. A hotel does not benefit from these limitations since the hotel website should serve as its primary sales channel. As with many things in life: you get what you pay for.

Best hotel website builder

In our opinion, the best website builder is not an actual builder. Website builders are too limited for achieving the desired (sales) goals of hotels. A website must be a perfect fit for the hotel and must be able to meet the requirements of the hotelier and/or the marketing team.

Among these requirements/limitations, consider search engine optimization, for example. The online world is changing rapidly and a hotel website builder, such as those from Siteminder or Wix, cannot possibly make their builder move with the same speed. A custom website platform specialized in the hotel industry, such as Porter's, can. This is done through daily optimizations to the platform based on user feedback and the addition of hotel search engine optimization functionalities.

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Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Fully up-to-date with the latest terms and techniques from Google and others. Easy management of SEO settings and content. Website development in consultation with SEO specialists.

Website Builder

Up-to-date with the latest guidelines from Google, as far as known to the builder. Implementation of changes can take a long time due to large teams and multiple stakeholders, combined with lower prioritization.


Why not a website builder?

As a hotelier, you probably don't specialize in search engine optimization, branding, copywriting or conversion optimization. Nor is this necessary as you can leave these things to a specialist. At Porter, these matters are handled by professionals who have experience developing and managing hundreds of hotel websites. Do you really prefer to do everything yourself? Then choose a website builder.

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Website templates

Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Multiple templates available so all types of hotels can choose an appropriate template. Templates are always focused on conversion and are configured and customized to the needs of the hotel.

Website Builder

Templates are not fully customizable to the needs of the hotel. Often certain features or options are missing for an appropriate design.



Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Each hotel site is developed with a unique layout to match the look and feel of the hotel.

Website Builder

Very limited customization options. Often only possibility to customize logo, colors and fonts.


What is a hotel website platform

A hotel website platform is a full-service solution consisting of a hotel website based on a template or a custom hotel site, a Hotel CMS, fast and reliable hosting and a support service where there is always a specialist ready to help you with all your questions. A template-based site provides efficiency while keeping costs down. Porter's experience provides a useful addition to this efficiency. In this way your website will be effective in reaching and converting potential hotel guests.

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Sales and Marketing manager Ilona from Grand Hotel Opduin says the following about Porter:

"Beautiful website, nice CMS to work with and the helpdesk responds very quickly and pleasantly. You know in advance what you're getting because of the templates, which is very nice. There is no long design process beforehand."


Content Management System

Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Intuitive and through the use of modules completely focused on the use by a hotelier or hotel employees.

Website Builder

Often easy to use but not focused on the hotel industry.


Connection to reservation system (Internet Booking Engine)

Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Seamless connection between booking engine and website. Connectivity with virtually any IBE.

Website Builder

Restriction due to use of booking engine of builder, connection to other booking engines is limited.



Porter – Hotel Website Platform

All Porter websites are configured by default to go live with three languages. In addition, any desired languages can be added.

Website Builder

Often websites are translated with Google translate which results in awkwardly translated texts and inaccuracies which results in less bookings and poorer indexing within search engines


Hotel booking website builder

Bookings are generally made through a booking engine. The connectivity between the website and the booking engine is vital for a good conversion. It would be a shame if visitors to your website could not make a reservation. That's why Porter specializes in making the connection between the booking engine and the hotel site.

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Comparison Hotel Website Builder and Hotel Website Platform

We have already given you quite some information about the difference between a website builder and a website platform specialized in the hotel industry. We will make the information even more clear for you with the tables included in this article.

Brand monitoring

Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Template is fully customized with a unique design to match the hotel's corporate identity so that the brand is fully appreciated.

Website Builder

Templates that are not fully customizable may not fully convey the brand.



Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Unlimited personal support by email or phone is always included.

Website Builder

Limited support options.



Porter – Hotel Website Platform

Relevant KPIs always insightful via dashboard, monthly custom PDF report available on request.

Website Builder

Number of website visits and sources insightful for additional information dependent on third parties.


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Niels Drenth

By Niels Drenth
Hotel Marketing Specialist



Does Porter offer a hotel website builder? Does Porter offer a hotel website builder?

No, Porter offers a full-service website platform geared for use by hoteliers and hotel employees.

Does Porter offer a CMS? Does Porter offer a CMS?

Yes, all Porter websites can be managed through the specially developed Hotel CMS.

Can I choose the design of my hotel site myself? Can I choose the design of my hotel site myself?

The design of the site will be based on one of our templates. The templates can be fully customized in the style of the hotel.