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October 9th, 2020

BookingSuite Alternative

Show's over for At least for the BookingSuite part of the company, which includes RateIntelligence, WebDirect and BookingButton. As of November 30, 2020, Booking ceases to support these parts of the company. Many hoteliers who use this service are very disappointed by this.

Read the official message from Booking

Booking indicates that it wants to focus on its core business line. The core business line of course refers to the online travel agency. In other words, selling hotel rooms for a commission via their own website. Let's first of all say that we find it very unfortunate that a company has to drop a certain branch because of the current situation. This is a setback for any company and we don't want anyone to be in that position. Especially in a year where everything is already upside down.

I'm a BookingSuite customer, now what?

Booking indicates on their own website that you have to look for an alternative. They give you support by giving you points of attention for when you're looking for a new supplier. Quite extensively they provide information for searching for a new hotel website builder. The parts that are covered there are, among others: Price, ease of use, languages and support. Parts that we at Porter find extremely important.

Porter takes you by the hand in the process of switching websites. We are independent of booking engines, which gives the hotelier freedom and opportunities. At Porter we can launch the new website quickly (within 2 weeks after receiving the corporate identity files). If desired, we will transfer the current content of the website to the new website. Porter has been trusted by hoteliers since its launch in 2018 and many hoteliers recommend Porter. We are happy to let you know what clients say about us.

Anna Frens (owner of De Roskam): "Becurious (Porter) has guided us excellently in setting up the website. Professional - Fast - Professional and Thinking Along".

Tim Vissers (Managing Director Hospecs): "We have had many websites created by Thomas and his team. Nowadays we go live with a well-converting website in 2 weeks after the assignment. Support is always fast and adequate".


The advantages of Porter at a glance

  • More direct and commission free bookings
  • Booking engine of your choice
  • Lay-out taylored to the unique style of your hotel
  • Easy to use Hotel CMS dedicated to the hotel industry
  • Optimized for SEO and super fast page loading time
  • Secure and fast hosting
  • Personal and unlimited service and support
  • Additional online marketing services

Still in doubt? We are happy to cater to the needs of the hotelier in these difficult times. That's why we offer you the following: Switch before the end of November 2020 and get a 500 euro discount on the setup fee.





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Niels Drenth

By Niels Drenth
Hotel Marketing Specialist